Margin dan Leverage


Leverage adalah peratusan (%) daripada modal yang dipinjam dibenarkan oleh broker anda untuk digunakan apabila anda membuka posisi perdagangan. Biasanya dalam pasaran saham apabila anda membeli 100 saham sebuah syarikat perdagangan pada $ 10 sesaham, anda dikehendaki $ 1000 untuk membuka perdagangan. Beberapa broker saham akan membenarkan anda meminjam duit dari mereka, kebanyakan kes ia adalah 50% daripada jumlah nilai saham. Jadi, daripada $ 1,000 yang anda kini hanya perlu mempunyai $ 500. Ini membantu peniaga-peniaga untuk membeli lebih banyak saham dengan jumlah yang sama wang.

  • Economic News

    Margin requirements will be set to maximum 200:1 leverage for the products affected by economic news for the 20-minute interval (15 minutes prior to the news until 5 minutes after)

  • Weekend

    Margin requirements for new positions will be set to maximum 200:1 leverage from 3 hours after hours until 2 hours after market reopen.

  • Market Holidays

    Higher margin requirements may be imposed during market holidays. We will update the changes in the leverage levels on our website: News and Research page.

Leverage Policy

Equity Amount Leverage Level Maximum number of lots per trade Maximum number of lots per symbol
$0~4,999 2,000:1 30 100
$5,000~$29,999 1,000:1 30 100
$30,000~$199,999 500:1 30 100
$200,000~ 200:1 30 100

* All symbols including Minor & Exotic Pairs have different leverages and is proportional to the leverage of account. Please contact for further inquiries.

Standard, Prime and ECN accounts will be affected by the changes in the leverage levels. This will, in turn, affect your market requirements.

Any significant economic news can create market volatility. Increased market volatility will result in gap in pricing and spread widening which could incur losses for more than one can bear. Therefore, we introduce the higher margin requirements (or lower leverage up to 200:1) in the times of volatility to protect the traders.

Positions opened during the time when higher margin requirements are introduced will readjust to its normal leverage levels within two hours after the market opens (Sunday 23:00 GMT).

If you close out positions during the time when higher margin requirements are introduced, the order placed will become a new position. This new position will be assigned with the margin requirements in proportion to the higher margin requirements applied to the previous cancelled order.

For new positions, higher margin requirements (or up to 200:1 leverage) will apply from 3 hours prior to market close (Friday 19:00 GMT) until 2 hours after market reopens (Sunday 23:00 GMT).

Yes. For Bullions, market closes for one hour between 22:00 and 23:00 GMT. Maximum leverage will be set to 1000:1 30 minutes before the market close (21:30 GMT)

If the interval between economic news is less than 15 minutes, we apply the higher leverage for the extended amount of time. We also notify the traders of the changes in leverage levels by sending emails prior to the economic news.

Your leverage levels will revert to its original settings once the higher margin requirements period has passed.

Higher margin requirements (200:1 leverage) are introduced to all products during the weekend (except for certain symbols that have preset margin requirements such as exotic pairs, cryptocurrency, energy, indices, and etc). However, market holidays could apply to certain specific regions and related products.